Power Hours

Planning Power Hours


What are Planning Power Hours?


They involve a 1 hour zoom call where we can discuss anything you like with regards to your wedding plans.

For example, topics could include but are not limited to:

  1. -A full review of your wedding plans
  2. -Design & Styling Tips
  3. -Supplier Sourcing
  4. -DIY Help & Advice
  5. -Wedding Day Timeline
  6. Budget Advice & Tips
  7. General Wedding Planning Guidance

After our zoom call I will write up a detailed report of anything we discussed and any suggestions I have. This can be really useful to look back on when you get close to your wedding so you can use at as a check list.

Who is this suited to?

I decided to offer a Power Hour service because I think it’s perfect to cater to couples at various planning stages and with all different budgets.

It’s ideal for couples that maybe don’t have the budget to hire a wedding planner but still need help and guidance to plan their wedding.

It’s also beneficial to help couples kick start their wedding plans or couples that have come to a sticking point with planning and need some help to push them through it or just for couples with some key questions.

To be able to discuss all of your wedding plans that you’ve held in your head for so long can feel like a real weight off your shoulders! 


Investment  – Power Hour (1 hour zoom call + report write up) £70

Bulk Packages*

x3 Power Hours £180

x6 Power Hours £300

 *Other hour combinations available, please ask. 

If you book on of the bulk packages you can choose when you want your hours and these can include hours of research or admin without involving a zoom call. For example supplier sourcing, stationery creation, creating a budget spreadsheet and more!

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!